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About Customized Transitions

Trudi Brooks spent many years in the legal, consulting and property management businesses. It was in this career that Trudi realized she enjoyed the personal aspect of helping her clients develop solutions to problems they were having.


While balancing her career and raising a family, Trudi unfortunately had to deal with the downfall of her parent's health. With this came the responsibility of caring for elderly parents and a young family.


As a result of these personal experiences Trudi developed knowledge, resources and skills to assist others in her community who are struggling with similar family transitions.


In the fall of 2008, Customized Transitions opened its doors and filled a growing need in our community.


Along with assisting with household downsizing, Trudi can provide expert solutions for people with ADHD. Trudi’s son, Carter, and a number of her clients have ADHD so she is very experienced with ADHD-related challenges. Trudi builds customized solutions for each client, with YOUR needs in mind.

Specializing In:

  • ADHD Organization Assistance

  • Planning and Preparation

  • Packing, Moving and Unpacking

  • House Clearing and Closure

  • Declutter and Organization

  • Recycling or Reselling

  • Business Restructure or Organization

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